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As Adam mentioned in our previous post; the pressures of coursework, various internships and a looming dissertation deadline have resulted in a drop of frequency in our blog efforts.

In an attempt to get back into this blog I’m gonna brush off the rust and tell you about the internships that have kept me so busy over the past few months. Mindful of the fact that I’m basically ripping off Adam’s idea from his previous post I thought I’d text him to make sure it was okay to do a similar theme for this post.

His reply was a cheerful: “You can always position it as a sequel of sorts. Sequels are usually vastly inferior to the original as well, so it works on two levels.”

Unperturbed by the lack of faith my trusty blogging buddy has in me, I’m going to tell you about the two internships that have occupied my time over the last six months anyway.

I’ve spent the best part of 2013 interning with the organic denim company Monkee Genes. Although fashion isn’t an area I would have considered getting in to before I started the course, the ethics of the company and the independent nature of the place all give me the feel that this is the kind of brand I would love to work for one day. My main responsibility with Monkee Genes has been overseeing the social networks. This has sadly led to afternoons in the office where I’ve found my head buried in a course textbook, only for my boss to look over my shoulder and yell at me for not being on Facebook.

Alongside the social media and PR work I’ve been doing with Monkee Genes, I’ve also been interning with a marketing company called TSMGI (that stands for The Sport Marketing Group Inc. for those who want to know). After struggling through the phone and in-person-interview, desperately trying to make sure I didn’t refer to the company as TMSGI or TGMSI, I was delighted to find out I got the position. TSMGIs main client is Aon, and the company is involved with the Aon-Manchester United sponsorship deal. During the course of the internship I was able to put together a little video of my experience along the way which I’ve embedded below.

In terms of companies I don’t think I could have worked at two more differing places. On one hand I experienced the official corporate world of sponsorship deals and on the other I was working with an independent organic clothing company. It was a great experience being able spend time on placement with both companies, and I feel I’m far more prepared to step out into the working world than I was at the start of the year.

I’m now coming to an end with both internships and all the coursework is complete, leaving me free to focus solely on my dissertation. So expect daily blog updates as a desperate displacement activity to further delay assembling the inevitable 15,000 word thesis.

Until next time!