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I’ve usually been a relatively slow adapter to social networks. I thought there was no need for Twitter, you can post a status on Facebook. I became hooked. I thought there’s no need for Instagram, you can post pictures on Twitter. I became hooked. Now we have the video version of a social network with Vine.

Why is Vine my favourite of the lot at the moment? Basically because it gives anyone with a smartphone and Vine app the chance to become a director, producer and editor of video all in the space of minutes. It’s a social network that isn’t as saturated with content as the other sites because it requires effort, timing and most of all confidence to produce these videos, something that a lot of the American folk I follow on Vine have plenty of, although the uptake hasn’t been quite as rapid over here in the UK.

Looking over the facts presented on an infographic at the Media Bistro website you can see it has a relatively modest number of users at 13 million, ten times less than the 130 million users on Instagram and exponentially less than the billion or so users on Facebook. Of the 30 or so people who I’m following on Vine at the moment, 20 of them are American, and they seem to be leading the way in creating entertaining content.

The app allows you to capture video simply by pressing the screen of the phone and to cut to a different angle/view/scene by removing your thumb and pressing it again when you have the new view you want. This simple yet incredibly effective way of editing video as you go along gives opportunity for so much fun with stop-motion tricks, illusions and generally making cool, concise videos. The videos are very similar to an animated gif that plays on a continual loop, and can obviously become annoying, nay incredibly irritating, if a video repeats itself too many times, like this video I created last month.

Like Twitter and Instagram you can follow celebrities as well to see what those crazy cats are getting up to, although the number of athletes, musicians, actors etc. who have taken to the network is less than the two previously mentioned, there are a few who seem just as amazed by the short videos with the sharp cuts as I am. They are mainly younger folk but people like Harry Styles, Cara Delevigne, Wiz Khalifa and Disclosure are all accounts worth having a look at with some interesting 6-second clips. Despite the massive potential of Vine, it seems the monopoly of Facebook, through sister site Instagram, have their finger on the pulse and have been quick to update their app to include video capabilities as well. I’m stubbornly refusing to even use this video feature on Instagram, such is my affinity for Vine, and to show you what makes Vine so great below are my favourite five Vine uploads (and by the way, the sound is always set to mute when a Vine link appears, so un-click that to hear some hilarious videos).

5) Ian Padgham’s panoramic tour of the Civic Center in San Francisco

4) A post from Harry Styles with the epic title ‘Platform Niall and wee quarters‘.

3) A goofy tribute to the Lion King.

2) Hot Sauce Narnia

1) Perhaps my favourite person to follow on Vine, a guy from New Jersey named Dan DiLiberti who has a hilarious bunch of songs and sketches on his account. There are too many good videos on his account to choose from so I just went for the latest one. I love the way he can set scenes and tell stories in just 6-seconds, here is his most recent upload.

And so my mission to get more of my friends on Vine continues. Expect to see me in pubs across the country interrupting flowing conversations to show people the latest Vine videos.